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The services sector accounts for just over half of GDP and industry, made up of mining, construction and manufacturing, is an additional quarter. The sectors who recorded the highest growth are the tourism, telecoms and textile sectors. Morocco , however, still depends to an inordinate degree on agriculture.

Morocco has low prices except from imported goods, cheap labour, an excellent infrastructure, while there is medium efficiency in bureaucracy.

Morocco's economy is fast growing, due to several factors. Foreign investments, as labour-intensive products here can be made far cheaper in any other place close to Western Europe. Morocco has a skilled labour force, and more and more people with high education, since Moroccan schools and universities are of good quality. Moroccans are highly skilled in languages, and most young Moroccans know 2 or 3 languages.

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Country Population: 33,757,175
Country Capital: Rabat
Country Currency: Moroccan dirham

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