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About 85% of Zambians work the country's relatively infertile soil as subsistence farmers. Commercial agriculture is mostly confined to small numbers of large farms. The leading crops are corn, sunflower seeds, vegetables, sorghum, tobacco, flowers, cassava cotton, sugarcane,  rice, peanuts and coffee. Zambian workers also raise cattle, goats, pigs, and poultry. There is a small fishing industry.

The largest industry in the country by far, is constituted by the mining and refining of copper, and is concentrated in the cities of the Copperbelt. Cobalt, zinc, lead, emeralds, gold, silver, coal, and uranium are also mined. Industries include food and beverage processing, construction, horticulture, and the manufacture of chemicals, textiles, and fertilizer. Most of Zambia's energy is supplied by hydroelectric plants, especially the one at Kariba Dam.

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Country Population: 11,668,000
Country Capital: Lusaka
Country Currency: Zambian kwacha

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