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Mineral exports, agriculture, and tourism are the main foreign currency earners of Zimbabwe. The mining sector remains very lucrative, with some of the world's largest platinum reserves being mined by Anglo-American and Impala Platinum. Zimbabwe is the biggest trading partner of South Africa on the continent.

Forests in SE Zimbabwe yield valuable hardwoods, including teak and mahogany. The country is endowed with a wide variety of mineral resources, and there is extensive mining (coal, gold, platinum, copper, nickel, tin, clay, chromium ore, and iron ore). Among Zimbabwe's industrial products are steel, wood products, chemicals, fertilizer, clothing and footwear, foodstuffs, and beverages.

Formerly an exporter of foodstuffs, Zimbabwe now must import grains. Corn is the chief food source, and cotton and tobacco the principal cash crops. Other products include wheat, coffee, sugarcane, and peanuts. There are also tea plantations in the country; dairying is important in the high veld. Sheep, goats and pigs are raised.

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Country Population: 13,010,000
Country Capital: Harare
Country Currency: Zimbabwean dollar

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