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You should never underestimate the power of your CV and the impression that it creates about you as an individual. Your CV should be one of the most important documents you own and is vital to securing the job interviews you want.  It should make a quick and positive impact and present your achievements in a way that leaves a Recruiter wanting to know more.

Job Serve Africa CV Centre is entirely free of charge and is designed to offer you a simple solution for uploading an existing CV. This help Recruiters to quickly find you.

Once you have your CV on your account you can use it to apply for as many positions as you like on our website or print it off where you find internet


Due to strict work permit regulations, foreign applicants should check with the relevant Embassy or High Commission for information before taking any initial steps.  Job search websites and recruitment agencies can also help you find out whether your skills and experience are relevant.

Application methods

Email is fast becoming the preferred method of application and emailing CVs rather than posting application forms is the norm. There is no need to send a covering letter with a CV when responding to an advertised vacancy. Covering letters are essential, however, when applying speculatively.

CV guidelines

All CVs are similar in the information they contain.   Apart from not requiring details of referees at the application stage, your CV should provide the following details:

There is no prescribed length for a CV, although it should not exceed 2 pages. It is not necessary to divulge past or present salary details at this stage.

On the other hand, if you are senior executive a resume, can be, and often should be 3, 4 or 5 pages to sufficiently convey the depth of your experience and skills, so it needs to be long enough to tell what you’ve done, and be inviting to the eye. Put serious thought into your resume keeping it tightly written with bulleted accomplishments and not bore the reader with unnecessary details.

Covering letter

Should you be applying by post, your covering letter should not be longer than a page in length, targeting the specific company or role and outlining relevant skills and abilities for the post.


Interviews process often focuses on questions about the company and its markets, your skills and ability to do the job, career goals and aspirations.

Questions about the company
Research details of the company products and services before your job interview, the company website is the best resource, go through the whole website making notes of the company mission, value statements, strategic goals, special projects, vision and new developments which you can use to enhance your knowledge and invite good interview questions, as well as your ability to answer reverent questions.

Take your research with you to the interview. Let the interviewer see that you have taken time and trouble to find out about the company beforehand, this will show your enthusiasm to be part of the company.

Your skills and ability
It is therefore paramount, during an interview, to be able to discuss in detail every item listed on one’s resume and if possible to give examples where appropriate, your solutions to problems arising from management decisions.

To avoid being nervous, practice answering difficult questions. A good source of interview questions can be found by searching the internet.

Career goals and aspirations
During an interview the employer is more interested in knowing what you can do for the organisation and how you can fill the role to determine whether you are sufficiently motivated to excel in the position. Clearly define and by articulating your career goals, it will illustrate your capability to undertake necessary work and realise ideas that will not only be beneficial the company but also to yourself.

Recognition of qualifications

Proof of qualifications is not usually required until after the application stage.

Tax and National Insurance

Your government’s tax department can advise what arrangements should be made concerning payment of tax and National Insurance contributions when residing overseas.

Job Serve Africa Tips for Recruiters

Job Posting should not be more than one page and should contain technical detail of the job specification.  In doing so; this help candidate to quickly identify require skills set and also apply for the right job. This cut down the time have to go through lots of CV.

Its very important to keep refreshing active jobs. This ensure that yesterday jobs posted are listed today as candidate normally apply for current jobs

Job Serve Africa Tips for Candidate

Job Serve Africa recommend that you should not provide any form of payment to agencies or companies when applying for job or during the job application

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