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Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button thrilled by new McLaren

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button thrilled by new McLaren

McLaren have unveiled the new car that Englishmen Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button both hope will make them world champions for the second time.

McLaren decided not to have the car ready for the first test this week to spend more time designing it.

Button said: "This is our new baby, the car we hope will take one of us to the drivers' championship and the team to win the constructors'. It's beautiful."

"We'll be quite a bit more competitive than we were last year," said Hamilton.

McLaren hope the extra design time they have devoted to the car will give them a crucial advantage when the season starts in Bahrain on 13 March.

The new McLaren will run for the first time alongside all the other 2011 cars at the second pre-season test in Jerez next week.

Tyres, Button admitted, would be the key factor in deciding results this season.

Pirelli, which replaces Bridgestone as F1's supplier, has been asked to make tyres that degrade quicker in a bid to spice up the racing, and they have been true to their word.

"The mechanical grip, the downforce, whatever none of it matters unless you can get those tyres working," Button told BBC Sport.

"We've got to work with them - some areas are better than the previous tyre and some areas are worse. It's a big change for us and it's who can make the best of the situation."


Posted on Friday 4th February 2011

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