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Job Serve Africa partners with HOPEHIV

Job Serve Africa partners with HOPEHIV


Job Serve Africa is pleased to announce that it is partnering with HOPEHIV, a charity that works with children and young people in Sub-Saharan Africa who have been orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Job Serve Africa is seeking to help highlight and support the work of HOPEHIV, by hosting a banner throughout its site that clicks through to the charity's site, and by featuring updates on the charity's news and fundraising events on its news page.

HOPEHIV is about the generation of hope. They believe the children and young people they work with have the potential to make Africa's future one of hope, rather than despair.

In 2010 HOPEHIV celebrated 10 years of serving Africa's orphan generation. They are proud to currently be working with 40 project partners, reaching some 50,000 vulnerable children and young people each year.

HOPEHIV's local project partners work with communities to find the best ways of supporting vulnerable children and young people through:

  • Emotional and social support
  • Education
  • Economic empowerment
  • Child rights

HOPEHIV's UK-based office is building a network of individuals, companies, schools and churches to support their community-based projects in Africa. These project partners are selected and monitored by a team based in South Africa and Tanzania.

The charity landscape is blurred with organisations helping African orphans. HOPEHIV are defined by:

  • Productive partnerships: Helping projects generate income or access grants. Helping companies make CSR more meaningful. Helping schools enrich curricula. Helping people connect, not just give and receive.
  • Investment: Seeking social return on investment and local partners for long term results.
  • Enterprise and innovation: Encouraging entrepreneurship with fundraising in the UK and income generation in Africa. Seeking projects that solve old problems in new ways.
  • Being positive and passionate about potential: Changing the future from the bottom up, by helping to realise the potential of individuals.

To find out more about HOPEHIV, please visit our website at

HOPEHIV is registered charity number 1079385.

Posted on Friday 18th March 2011

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