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Sepp Blatter on verge of Fifa presidential re-election

Sepp Blatter on verge of Fifa presidential re-election

Fifa president Sepp Blatter is on the brink of a fourth term in office after attempts to delay the organisation's election failed.

The English and Scottish Football Associations wanted the election postponed amid allegations of corruption within Fifa.

English FA chairman David Bernstein put the proposal to Fifa's congress but 172 of 206 voters opted against a delay.

The vote to formally elect Blatter will take place later on Wednesday.

The English and Scottish FA's needed three quarters of Fifa's congress to support them to postpone the election but they received little support with only 17 votes in their favour and 17 abstentions.

Bernstein was also criticised by fellow Fifa members following his address.

Blatter, 75, was heavily backed, despite the controversy which has surrounded Fifa and he said: "I am the captain of this ship and we are weathering the storm.

"Our ship is in troubled water and this is why we need to put the ship back on course - and for that we need a leader.

"We must do something because I don't want ever again to face a situation that is so undignified."

Part of the allegations of corruption against world football's governing body have been over the bidding process for the World Cup.

A 24-man Fifa executive committee were in charge of voting for the hosts for the tournament but Blatter announced, if re-elected, this decision would in future be taken by Fifa's 208-member congress.

"I want to give more power to the national associations," said Blatter.

"In the future the World Cup will be decided by the Fifa Congress. The executive committee will create a shortlist - but will make no recommendations only a list - and the congress will decide on the venue."

Posted on Wednesday 1st June 2011

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