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Marley for sale as family cash in

Bob Marley drinks, luggage, stationery, hotels and video games could soon appear after the late reggae star's family struck a merchandise deal.

"We're open to licensing just about anything," said the late reggae icon's daughter Cedella. But she added: "If it is not right, we will not do it."

The family has teamed up with private equity firm Hilco to capitalise on his name and songs and to stop bootleggers.

A Bob Marley lager and coffee will be among the first items on the market.

Headphones, snowboards, shoes, musical instruments and electronics are on a list of other products that will be developed in a major expansion of Marley's official merchandise range.

Some will bear the music legend's name and image, while others will be tied in to song titles or lyrics from his best-known tunes.

Source of this news is from bbc website

Posted on Wednesday 11th February 2009

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